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Here's a picture of Jake acting like a psycho.

Here's a picture of Jake acting like a psycho.


Jake Tacito

I majored in Comic Art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After interning for the well known comic artist John Bivens, I moved from Minneapolis back to my home town, Denver.

I balanced my day job with personal creative work, which eventually led to me getting just enough artwork commissions to where I could sustain myself solely on my creativity. The goal since then has been to break into the comic industry full time, though I don't see myself turning down commissions anytime soon.

While my creative work is always different, it still keeps a unifying thread of an oxymoronic value, no matter the overall tone of the piece. I am obsessed with mixing ideas, which are normally seen as very distinct and separate, to create something complete and new. It is through this way of thinking which I am pursuing a larger identity as a comic artist, writer, and illustrator.

For me, art isn't necessarily about creating thought provoking analyses or breaking new ground, nor is it even about self expression. For me, art is about finding what feels new and entertaining and using those findings to entertain. I sincerely hope you enjoy.





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